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Meet our certified coaches who offer highly personalized and individualized well-being interventions. Whether you are looking for clarity in your personal or professional life, a coach can empower you to find your own answers within yourself. The benefits of coaching can be immediate as well as long-term with predictive growth, i.e. which are to grow first and which one to grow next.

A life coach can help you with self-awareness, resilience, self-efficacy, improved communication, better work-life balance, and increased mental health. A business coach on the other hand can help you take your business to the next level.

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Learning about the brain has given me a great deal of knowledge on creating the ideal learning environment, where learners are aware of their brains, how they work, how to be curious, motivated, autonomous, committed, how to overc... Read more

Dr Beatrix Henkel is a creative learning expert with a passion for self-empowerment and self-leadership. 17 years in the field of international education, in 6 countries, accomplishing 15 roles, in 10 different institutions. Her c... Read more

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