28 Apr 2021



Tired of teaching? 


Considering another career? 


It is a tough choice to make, especially, if you connect so well with your students. Maybe at this time the teaching profession feels even more challenging and exhausting than before. A combination of online and in person teaching, as well as, a continuous pressure to upskill yourself with the latest EdTech solutions can be an overwhelming experience, too. 


My good news is that there are ways to feel fulfilled and inspired while teaching. You can get your passion back and nurture it for a long-term, once you start inviting more happy moments into your life. 


‘How Can I DoThat?’ You might ask.


Tip #1. Be present in the moment

Start generating more moments of mindfulness. More moments when you slow down, more moments when you treat yourself to deep breaths, especially, when you are simply bringing your focus, and all your attention to be present. Simple as it sounds? No. It requires regular practice and resilience. Resilience in fact means trying again and again. Of course, acknowledging yourself on the way when you succeed in being present is another side of the coin. 


Tip #2. Practice self-compassion

The next point I am going to mention,  is in fact linked to mindfulness. Embrace all emotions and thoughts that come up with love and compassion. Accept and love your angry and frustrated self, your stomach or headache. Bring empathy to yourself in those days when it is difficult to get out of bed or pull yourself together to focus. Stay curious (and more importantly non-judgmental) when you are hurt, when you are bored, when you are on the verge of giving up. Curiosity helps you explore. Explore and discover. Discover new ways of looking at the old things. Curiosity helps you revisit old triggers in conversations, pain that you have been carrying for years or shed new light on how you can do what you are doing, differently. 


Tip #3. Stay teachable

Now, related to this last part I’d say: Spice it up, make it more exciting. Accept the challenge. You can enrich and transform what you do the way you want. If you are a classroom teacher maybe you can transition and build up your own tutoring business where you help & inspire students in 121 conversations. Maybe you can expand that colorful array of soft skills that you already have, by mastering coaching skills, mindfulness practices or becoming a yoga teacher. In one word, connecting what you know with something new and exciting that you have yet to learn more about. Connecting the mind and the body. Knowing what abundance is and feeling abundance in your life. 


If you are not sure where to start, just reach out to one of us for a meaningful #heart2heart conversation. On behalf of the Coaching4Education team I can bravely and confidently say: We are here for you.


Dr Beatrix Henkel

Creative Learning Expert

Founder of R.A.C.E.


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Written by:
Dr Beatrix Henkel

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