15 Dec 2021

What is R.A.C.E.?

What is R.A.C.E.?

What is R.A.C.E.? Its niche and needs. 

Hello friends, How are you all, today?

"R.A.C.E." is a nonprofit platform. 

R.A.C.E. stands for, Raising Awareness of Coaching in Education.

Coaching in education has been a part of the educational scene for many years, but still, the awareness about its effectiveness and impact is unrealized by many. 

We relate coaching to our experience and connect it with it, mostly with sports, where the coach tells and instructs players, what to do, in order to improve their performance. 

Sadly, quite often, leaders and top tier managers see coaching as just another tool to get what they want from their colleagues and staff. This attitude comes from an old style of command and control leadership. The evidence of it can be seen in many organizations, institutions and schools, due to which, the staff becomes disengaged from their real assignments, given-work and at times from themselves & the students too. 

This can be seen in the lack of initiative, mostly, by waiting to be told what to do, rather than taking the lead. Even productive people, eventually, leave, because of poor communications and leadership styles. Which results in most staff and leaders not being able to experience what effective coaching is, the benefits it can provide to the educational world  and what coaching can do to bring out the best in each and everyone of us. 

R.A.C.E. bridges this gap. Firstly, in schools & institutions, then, in related individuals' progress and successful advancement of careers. Another part of it also covers the gap within family scenarios, to bring in the understanding and bonding between parents and children, and  with the schools and teachers, for a lifetime of compassionate connection and impact...Do join us if you fit in any of the above periphery.

We will be happy to connect & discuss more on 'R.A.C.E' 


Reenu Sahore. 

What is R.A.C.E.?
Written by:
Reenu Sahore

Upcoming Events

We host plenty of events for our members, i.e. personal and professional growth workshops, conversations about effective parenting, improving educational outcomes, and improving mental and emotional well-being. You may not want to miss our popular virtual forest walk and heart-to-heart conversations in English, Arabic, and Hindi/Urdu.