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11 May 2021 |  become a happier parent, homeschooling tips 4u, the power of self-reflection, values of your family


It is an everyday reality. Let’s study! Not now. Please give me the answers. Find it yourself. Sometimes it feels like a tug war. Small success stories, sweat and hard work. But can it be different?


Yes, if…you change the way you look at it. It is all possible. The only limitation we have is in our heads. It is only a belief. Good news, we can all change our beliefs. More importantly, In a short period of time. Would you like that? Would you like to believe that homeschooling can be a fun adventure? Would you like to see it happening in your family? 


Something tells me that you’ve said YES. Brilliant, so here is the first tip: 


#1. Acknowledge yourself for being committed, resilient, diligent in your efforts. Acknowledge yourself for many other qualities you have and take some time every day to do that. It will help you immensely. It does start with self-appreciation. 


#2. Educate yourself. Follow contents that communicate valuable knowledge, participate in live talks where parenting is discussed in a safe and non-judgmental environment. You, learning about parenting, are the best role-model of an ideal learner that your child can get. Use this opportunity and turn it to your advantage. Don’t wait for others to decide, but design it for yourself how you want to grow and develop yourself.


#3. Trust yourself. To be able to trust yourself it does help if you can experience a real heart2heart conversation and have somebody who really listens to understand you and helps by navigating you to your own resourcefulness. Yes, coaching is this kind of an experience. Will you try it?!


#4. Love yourself. Yes, you are a priority. Your wellbeing is a priority. Your mental health is a priority. The reason is simple. Happy parent, happy child. Also, you are setting an example, and if this is what your child can see, s/he will be also showing that, have a higher self-esteem and more of what we call self-love and self-compassion. This in itself is a superpower. Self-love is not narcissism, instead it is loving yourself, acknowledging yourself, appreciating yourself, just like you love, acknowledge and appreciate others. 


#5. Stay teachable. Stay curious. Yes, curiosity is the key. It is in the questions where innovation lies. It is in the art of questioning where the essence of learning can be found. It is curiosity that builds stronger connections, trust and interdependence. So when challenges, difficult conversations, and heavy emotions come accept and embrace them all as they have important learnings for you.


We at Coaching4Education are trying to create content that is relevant to you (feedback is always welcome, of course. We invite you to live talks and heart2heart conversations. We would like to give more of what we have. Will you accept it?


Dr Beatrix Henkel

Creative Learning Expert

Founder of R.A.C.E.


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Written by:
Dr Beatrix Henkel

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